Why hire HH Evictions?

Evictions throughout Montana – We do evictions throughout virtually all of Montana with NO CHARGE FOR TRAVEL TIME.  You shouldn’t have to pay an attorney to drive.

Low cost – All we do is represent Montana landlords.  We do hundreds of evictions in Montana every year.  Because we do so many, it keeps your attorney fees low.

Fast – If you send us an eviction early in the day, we virtually always start that day.  If you are late in the day, we start the next business day.

Fast return calls – Virtually all phone calls are returned the same or next business day.

Experience – Nobody knows this business better than we do. Nobody in Montana has evicted anywhere near as many people as we have. We estimate that we presently perform over 250 Montana evictions per year. That amount is increasing steadily as more and more landlords and managers learn about our services.