More New Recommended Lease and Notification Language

Because of a recent legislative change at M.C.A. 70-24-430(9) Montana Landlord and/or Property Managers should add the following language to all Montana Residential Leases and Montana Notices which may result in a termination of tenancy. The language is as follows:


If you move out and abandon personal property, after 48 hours your landlord may dispose of any perishable, hazardous or valueless personal property. Your landlord will list and store everything else. Your landlord may charge you for handling and storage. Your landlord will try to notify you at your last known address via certified mail about your property being stored. The notice will give you ten (10) days to get your property. If you notify your landlord that you intend to get your property within the ten (10) days, the landlord will give you an additional seven (7) days to get your property. If you don’t get your property, your landlord may sell it. If the value of your property is lower than the cost of storage or sale, then your landlord may simply dispose of your property. Your landlord may refuse to give you your property until you pay your landlord the handling and storage costs. If your landlord sells your property, your landlord can deduct the cost of handling and storing your property from the proceeds. Any money left will be sent to you. If you can’t be found, any money left will be deposited with the County Treasurer.